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Employment Law, Creative Human Resources,

and Business Advisors

Taking YOUR Company where YOU want to GO

Whether you want to keep people, or lose people, train people, or develop a career path for your key managers, we work with you to ensure that all is achieved safely and with the desired results of getting your Company to where you want to go safely. Our services range from individual coaching and mentoring, to developing of teams, from the top downwards, at all times bearing in mind the ultimate strategy of the Company. We believe firmly that if Companies have the right teams, with the right skills, the business will move ever upwards

We have:-

Industry Sector Experience

Public and Private Sector; NHS; Manufacturing; Engineering; Insurance; Construction; Plant Hire; Motor Trade; Parts; Distribution; Professions; IT Sector; Care Sector; Education. inc. Schools, Nurseries and Training; Design; Leisure;Service Industries generally and Social Enterprise

– Extensive practical and legal experience
– Extensive HR, Sales and financial backgrounds to support the Company
– Public and private sector experience
– Extensive awareness that it is the “people” within the business, in whatever capacity, that will ensure its’ success
– A wide variety of businesses/trade Sectors in our portfolio
– Experience primarily in the medium and small businesses who have employees

We provide:-

– Interim Personnel Manager Services
– Consultancy Services to MD’s
– Support to Human Resource Management Teams
– Process implementation
– Retainer Employment Law updates

We are and seek to be very creative in our work with you, to help you to achieve what you want to achieve in the most effective and legally safe manner.